With 35 dead in what we call Mass shootings and/or stabbings in the last 10 days in America, it causes us to pause and think about the domestic terrorists attacks. These are heinous incidents represent a few who walk in hatred rather than love. While the 35 died horrifically in the Mass shootings/stabbings, at a minimum, according to “gun violence,” https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/number-of-gun-deaths?, tracking for a 7 day period, 3 – 10 Aug, approximately 275 more humans died from gun violence alone, not to mention other violent acts! America we need to change and love one another. Our hearts indeed go out to the victims who lost their lives needlessly. We especially pray for the families who lost their loved ones in these tragic incidents that continue to highlight the problems in America. I am sure the families appreciate our prayers, but I believe they want action from America. I appeal to America to walk in love, not hatred.

Domestic terrorism is happening at our front doors. None of us are immune from an attack at any moment. It can happen in a movie theater, at a game, or in a shopping center such as what happen this past week, or simply in a neighborhood. I was recently informed of a domestic terrorist attack in my new home town of Portland, Oregon where several family members were needlessly murdered by another family member! It did not make the national headlines, but the effect and pain is the same. Hatred dominated the hour.

We must love one another! We cannot incite the great divide across color lines. The incidents I reference in this blog deal with murder across all ethnic spectrums. However, I fear the violence is meant to terrorize all who may have more melanin in their DNA to feel as if this is not our home or land. This land is my home! I am an American! As a military veteran of 35 years, I, with millions of others, have fought for our country and sacrificed much to ensure we are indeed the land of the free. We cannot allow America to go back to a place where those of non European decent were treated as animals in many cases and second class citizens at best. We must unite and fight against so called “White Supremacy” that seeks to return to the old ways of dominance and terrorize us all. That is not the America we want or love. Those were tragic days in our history where many of European decent were treated as slaves and servants only and could not earn the title of “white” because they were from different parts of Europe such as the Irish and the Italians (had nothing to do with skin tone). No we can’t go back to a period where if you were of Asian descent you were banned from the country and/or locked up or if you were of Hispanic descent your were relegated to the term “dog.” No we must not go back to the place where if you were of African descent you were considered non human and in fact a class of animal relegated to shackles and chains deprived of all human dignity. We cannot turn back to an America that killed those indigenous groups and Native Americans by the thousands removing them from the lands they owned. America is greater than that and we must refuse to be silent. We must march ahead as one.

May I say to you to not make this about weapons and Second Amendment rights, for we know without a doubt we need better and stronger background checks on who can gain weapons! The mentally ill should not have weapons! It is so simple that this legislation should pass overwhelmingly but it won’t because of archaic, selfish political ambitions across the isles from all parties concerned. We should enforce the ban on assault weapons and take away loop holes that allow for standard weapons to be turned into assault weapons. The accountability is limited with regards to these issues. We should not take away the right to bear arms in America! This is simple but we won’t unite to fight against the domestic terrorism even thought polls show overwhelmingly that Americans want reform. The truth is that these incidents are about hatred, not mental illness! The message from the White House to every community must be that we will not tolerate hatred in America! We must not forget that we are the most diverse Superpower in the world–we are the world’s largest economy with the mightiest military. Our diversity is our strength. The spirit of America must continue to rise up. We must stay focused and fight against hatred in America! We must unite in love no matter what ethnicity or background. The reason these things are happening is because we are lacking love for one another! Let’s come together and walk in love.

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