The struggle to forgive and unconditionally love has impacted us all. Because this is a reality for each of us in our marriages or relationships, then I submit that it is unconditional love that will give us the strength and ability to have strong marriages. When we try to apply healthy principles of marriage without the foundation of unconditional love, there will be struggles that can, in many cases, be avoided. I know I have emphasized this more than once, but I must say it again. Knowing and applying principles alone in our marriages will not work in and by themselves. It becomes a superficial love. Have you ever seen the couple with everything materially in life but they are not happy? What is missing?

Authentic love and the feeling of being loved and cared for is the most common thing lacking in those types of relationships. Remember when Tina Turner sang the hit, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” She said that it was just a “second-hand emotion,” but I will tell you that love has everything to do with it! Perhaps Mrs. Turner was speaking from her experiences of the past? Unconditional love, no doubt, is missing in many relationships. Love is really the key ingredient in the relationship, not principles alone. There has to be an emotional connection that causes one to feel connected and loved.  I realize this is not groundbreaking news, but if it were so simple to do, I don’t believe so many would be suffering or unhappy in their relationships or heading for divorce. Surprisingly, many are missing this principle of love in building a healthy relationship.  Unconditional love gives us the fighting chance to counter the pain and heartache of divorce and turmoil that affects so many daily. For unconditional love to manifest, the heart must change.

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