The Courage To Stand

A New America

The Courage To Stand A New America

Dr. Neyland Is releasing a groundbreaking book, the Courage to Stand, A New America, that deals with the cutting edge issues facing America today. Imagine an America where the color of one’s skin no longer dominated our culture, but we were judged according to merit and character. This book addresses race relations, violence in America, self-defeat, criminal activity, religious freedom, and other social issues facing the nation, including a new way forward for America with realistic solutions.  Order your signed copy below today. You will not be disappointed.

All too often, America seems to respond across racial, religious, or political lines on many issues rather than on what is right, moral, legal, and ethical. A divided nation cannot stand, nor can one individual do everything by himself. It will take a nation coming together to stand. I believe that America is still strong, a leader of the free world, and capable of even greater accomplishments through a paradigm shift and through embracing one another in love and removing the antiquated race identification terms of “black” and “white” and recognizing that we are all Americans. Now is the time, America, to take a stand and make a change through addressing critical issues that we face as a nation.



" "And when I get a new mind...when I start thinking differently..when I start believing differently...And unleash my faith, the impossible becomes possible! That mountain that is so huge to me becomes a small mountain because I'm walking with the power of Jesus Christ. " -Dr. Shon Neyland "


“To have Goals is to have a future, because without Goals we will strive for nothing.” Andrew Ridings

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