Here I am again writing another blog dealing with the tragedies that have struck our nation over the last week and a half.  I will not be silent!  I begin with a confession.  Try as I may, I have failed to get my latest book, “The Courage to Stand: A New America,” off the ground and into the hands of hundreds of thousands of Americans.  I have sent it to news agencies, celebrities, and publishers, to no avail. I wrote this book with an objective to change America for the better and to move us to love, respect, and dignity one of another.  I want to see each of us prosper and walk in freedom in America. I address the issues we are facing in America with great detail and fidelity.  I challenge every reader of this blog, and there may be a few thousand of you, to purchase my book and help me to get the word out for a new way forward.  Perhaps you are a publisher or an agent; I need your help to get this word into the mainstream.  I present a detailed plan in the book to help us identify falsehoods and treat one another with respect.   Our words of hatred matter!  What I witnessed over the past several days hurts my heart very badly.  My friends I truly need your help to get this book and message out and help us as Americans to grow and thrive.

As a quick reminder, this has been a horrendous week for America with regard to hated and disdain for one another.  I highlight three major hate crimes based on religion, ethnicity, and political views.  We lost 11 Americans due to their faith and beliefs!  They were killed by another American who was obviously filled with hate and intent on destruction.  This was the worst crime in American history against those Americans who were of the Jewish heritage and faith.  CNN reports that hate crimes against those who are of Jewish descent is up 57% in 2017.  This is unacceptable in America!  We must root out the tone of hatred in America and plant positive words and hope).  We are all Americans, yet we continue to divide over religious, made up color terminology (black and white), and gender.  Another example of hatred in America was the heinous crime that was committed against two innocent Americans of African descent who were gunned down by a person of European descent at a grocery store allegedly because they had melanin in their skin.  According to the news reports, the gunman tried to enter a church that was filled worshippers of African descent a few months before going into the local store.  When he could not enter the church building, he was so frustrated that he sought out his victims in a local store and shot gunned them down without warning.  Why did he kill them?  Simply put, he killed them because he wanted to show his hatred for Americans who did not look like him. Americans, we must stop the division and I call upon each of us to move to a higher level of dignity and r for one another.  Finally, 14 Americans citizen-leaders were sent suspicious bomb packages and/or white powder substances by another American of European descent with the intent to kill, mutilate, and utterly destroy them.  This was sent to them because of a divergent political ideology.  Those the American bomber intended to kill hold different beliefs and thus he believed they deserved to die.  This list of 14 included two former Presidents of the United States and Secretary of State, meaning these could be classified as assassination attempts. Those Americans were from a variety of ethnicities and heritages, yet they were targeted equally because of their political views and not necessarily because of their ethnicities.

I call on all Americans to fight back with love, dignity, and respect for one another.  We must demonstrate the Courage to Stand.  We must not give up on the American dream where there is freedom for all and hope.  This is still the greatest nation I know—we  are not finished.   We must counter the hostility, fear, and hatred in America with love for one another.   For me, I cry out to God for strength in these trying times to guide me in the path of righteousness.  I know many of my readers and followers may not be people of faith, thus I call upon you to call upon your inner sense of right and wrong if you are not spiritual.  My point is that we need to change and change now!  We are destroying our nation from within.  We have become our greatest enemies, that is Americans destroying Americans. We cannot return to the past divisiveness and hatred based on religion, ethnicity, and political positions.  Wars have been fought on our very soil and around the world for those same reasons.  Americans, I call upon you to reach deep and decide today that indeed you will find the Courage to Stand for a New America that honors faith, diversity, and freedom for all!


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