I don’t know where you stand on the recent major crimes taking place in our nation, but I am so disheartened by the number of attacks our nation has been experiencing within her borders.  I was reading the headlines this weekend and noted the murder, drug overdoses, carnage, rape, and other heinous activity across the nation.  My heart actually ached for our country.  Within the last 31 days we have been attacked in Las Vegas where 58 people were murdered and 546 injured, now we have a domestic terrorist attack, reportedly influenced and representing ISIS, in Manhattan, with 8 more dead, and at least 13 injured.  In the end, it really is Americans killing Americans, albeit some become radicalized by ISIS or other terrorist threats.  In the Manhattan incident, not all who were killed were Americans, in fact it is reported that only two were Americans, yet lives were taken needlessly.  As I write this blog there are reports of a shooting at a Walmart in Colorado with at least 2 dead!  The heinous behavior and disrespect for one another continues. Please don’t forget, not only do these families suffer for years to come with painful memories of their loved one being murdered or mowed down, but those who survive the trauma will most likely face incredible challenges with health care, costs, emotional trauma, and lifestyle changes.

What’s my point?  America, we can change, we can stand and make a difference.  We need love and respect for one another to rule our hearts and to dominate our minds.  I recognize that this is a hard matter to grasp as our natural instinct to survive causes us to protect ourselves and our interests, thus we sometimes take extreme measures against those in society we feel we are in conflict with.   Case in point, since the Las Vegas attack with 58 people brutally dying, in an article dated , 25 Oct 17, the Huffington Post reported that 840 more were killed in America since then!  No national headlines highlighting their deaths.  In fact, since 1 Oct, 2.7K have been shot.  I know that many would say:  overall the murder rate is down from the 1990s.  I understand that fact, but tell that to those family members who have lost their son, father, mother, daughter, child, or relative.  This has to change.  We need to stand together to fight against terrorism and not each other.  The violence must stop.

Not only do we have the problem of murders taking place in the last few months, but we continue to divide over issues of modern day oppression and injustice, skin color (black and white), past slavery, the confederate flag, political lines, and confederate statues.  This is why I am advocating for a change in my newly released book.  Now is the time to take a giant step forward as Americans.  We need to end the ethnic divide within America less we lose sight of the battle that is before us with external threats from rouge nations, terrorist groups, and would be world powers.   Of note, after each of the tragedies I have described above, you will note people coming together and the incredible responses of the first-responders such as police, law enforcement, fire department, and every day citizens.  Those Americans made a difference and cared for one another without considering the ethnicity or political party of the person they were helping—no it was a human in need.

In my new book, I lay out a strategic road-map to ending the ethnic divide, fighting poverty, improving education, correcting the criminal justice system, and for raising love and respect in America.  I know some will say that nothing can be done and we can never change, “just accept it.”  We know history has proven that America can change for the better.  I say we will not accept that this is “just the way it is!”  If we as Americans decide to come together it can and will happen.  We have a moral calling to stand up and say no more.  We cannot justify the past indiscretions, nor can we live in the past, but we must move on as a people, as Americans with love and respect.  Let’s go America.  The Courage to Stand!  Do you believe?

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