We must Never Forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This Memorial Day as we celebrate with family and friends at a myriad of events, take a moment to pause and reflect on the sacrifices of those who gave all that we might live.  Remember, Memorial Day honors those who died in active military service or while on duty in defense of our nation. It began as a tribute to honor the Union’s war dead from the Civil War and was later expanded to remember all military members who died in service.  Thus, we should never forget and pay homage to those who have gone on before us fighting battles and wars for our independence and freedom.

In my earlier days a Missileer (nuclear missile launch officer), we were on alert for 24 hrs a day/7 days a week and we proudly wore a badge that read, “Combat Ready!”  As members of the Armed Forces we were always ready and on alert to carry out the mission to defend and execute. During those days I never knew if and when we would go to war, but I knew why I was defending the nation on the “front lines.”  I knew my life was literally on the line everyday as are the millions who have served over the years.  I did it, like many today, because I remembered those who had laid down their lives in war and who went before us giving all–we had to keep the legacy of freedom alive for our great nation.   I am grateful for those whose selfless acts gives us independence today.

Again, I am not asking you not to have a great and safe time this Memorial Day at the many events you might attend with family and friends, but I am asking you to simply “Never Forget” why we commemorate this day.  I close with a short prayer honoring those heroes.   Mighty God you are all powerful and all knowing. We give thanks for those who sacrificed all for our nation, freedom, and families.  May we never forget their sacrifices. We also ask that you protect us and lead us to victory even as the battles of war and life continue.   Bind the hand of the enemy and cause them to seek you. Bless our nation, our military, and our families. May these prayers be your will oh Holy God. I ask for you blessings in name of Christ Jesus!  Amen

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