About Dr. Shon Neyland

Dr. Shon Neyland enlisted in the military in 1984 as a logistic management specialist. He was commissioned as an officer in 1991. Dr. Neyland was licensed into the ministry in 1988, ordained in 1990 with the Church of God in Christ and became an Air Force Chaplain in 1999. He has pastored several large congregations and at one time was the Senior Pastor of the largest worship service in the Air Force with over 5,000 in attendance weekly. Dr. Neyland is a Colonel in the Air Force and serves as the Command Chaplain for Pacific Air Forces where he is responsible for advising leaders and ensuring the spiritual care of over 46,000 people at nine installations. A true patriot who loves serving God and people, he honed his skills over the years and has taught and literally preached around the globe.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, his words have brought hope, spiritual renewal, and increased faith to tens of thousands of military members, civilians, and their families. In fact, he has conducted over 45 marriage retreats and counseled over 4,000 individuals and couples, providing personal well-being and marital insights. Dr. Neyland has authored four books including, Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It and his latest book, The Courage to Stand. Dr. Neyland has seven academic degrees and has received over 100 distinguished awards and decorations throughout his career for outstanding service to his nation. He has been married to his beautiful wife Madeline for 33 years and they have three adult children and one grandchild.



A Family Man

Shon has been married to his beautiful wife Madeline for 30 years and she has served by his side around the world. They have been dedicated partners in ministry and positively impacted thousands. Together, they have three successful adult children: Ashley, Shontate and Shon II. Shon is an avid fitness person and loves sports. Along with his arduous fitness regimen, Shon loves traveling and writing. He advocates for a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy physical practices, recreational activities, emotional health, and spiritual well-being. Shon’s philosophy of life is centered on unconditional love and a positive attitude.

Building strong families is critical to Dr. Neyland. He is committed to mentorship, coaching, and reaching young teens and adults as they strive to find their place in the world. He believes mentorship is the foundation to growing productive, strong youth and adults. At each location he has served, he has instituted programs that included outreach to children, youth, young adults, singles, couples, and families. Dr. Neyland espouses the family model in all instances and emphasizes connection and relationship development in building resiliency for all. Dr. Neyland believes education, drive, determination, and high work ethics are keys to success. He has garnered seven (7) Academic degrees including; an Associates of Science degree in Logistics Management, a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology, a Master of Arts in Religion Degree, a Master of Divinity degree (equivalency), a Master of Science degree in Community Counseling, a Master of Science degree in National Security and Strategy, and a Doctor of Ministry degree.

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"This is awesome teaching material that should be used in pre marriage counseling and for reviewing if couples are experiencing such."

Shelia Smith


“To have Goals is to have a future, because without Goals we will strive for nothing.” Andrew Ridings

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