I know many are probably tired of hearing me speak or reading my articles or blogs about being united as one America. However, I refuse to go by the way side and give up on my vision of a Unified America that is not divided by discriminatory acts that continue to plague our nation.  I refuse to keep quiet about the “Black and White” terminology divide. I call for us to eliminate calling each other colors!  Stop calling one another colors that are on the opposite end of the spectrum. As used in our society in everyday life, the color Black generally represents something that is negative and bad, while the color White represents something that is positive and good.  Stop saying, “people of color” as we all have color of some type, there are no transparent colorless people–it is just another way to depict division!  You can order my book, “The Courage to Stand: A New America” for a full exploration of this concept.

I love America and I know we can continue to expand to be a greater and stronger nation through diversity and love. What caught my attention these last few weeks?  I saw the headlines read this morning across the news ticker:  “White student calls police on Black student for sleeping in Common Area at Yale University.”   Additionally, we all could not ignore the fact that two men of African descent were arrested for hanging out at a Starbucks location in Philadelphia when an employee of European descent called the police because they looked out of place.  Of course the company and city police force have since apologized and Starbucks is even having a “day of diversity training” for all of its locations across the nation as a result of the egregious act. The young men were within their rights and were doing nothing wrong. Starbucks’ response is impressive to say the least, but will it change the mindset of America? Will America continue to be dominated with the ethnic divide that has been a part of our heritage and ingrained in almost every fabric of our society?  We still have a long way to go for I also noted that in recent days a European man was arrested for trying to put a “hit” to murder his African descent neighbor! Thank goodness the plot was thwarted by the FBI.  It didn’t stop there!  I saw video footage on the news of what looked like a young man of African descent who chose to steal a purse, robbing and knocking out an 88 year old woman as she was putting away her shopping items and whose ethnicity I could not determine but appeared to be either of Latino or European descent. Wait there is more!  A superstar rap artist of African descent, Kanye West, was quoted as saying that “slavery was a choice,” and a Syracuse Fraternity was shut down for discriminatory and anti-Semitic practices and sexist language.  I could actually list more examples that continue to propagate division in America.  While all of this is going on between ethnicities, the city of Baltimore experienced one of the highest African descent on African descent killings in recent months with 34 (mostly African descent) being killed on the streets in April 18!  Examples of the heinous homicides include a mother and daughter who were executed in their home and a woman shot in the head when her care was carjacked.  We cannot keep silent!

What is my point with these examples?  When those two young men of African descent were escorted from the Starbuck’s premises I could not help but notice that one of the loudest protesters of what was going on was a gentlemen of European descent.  He refused to be quiet and persisted in asking, “What did they do wrong?”  That is what we need more of in America!  When there are major injustices happening across America I have indeed noticed a strong trend of all people coming together to speak up. We need all ethnicities standing up for one another and saying enough is enough!  No more divide, no more “Black vs White.”  This is how change has happened through the years in America, all people coming together to evoke change of discriminatory and prejudice behaviors. Are you ready to join me and protesting and speaking out against discriminatory practices?  Are you ready to become a mentor? I leave you with three simple things we can do right away: 1) Stop using the terminology “Black and White” when addressing “Americans!”; 2) Speak up when you hear or see prejudice being perpetrated in your sphere of influence;  and 3) Start educating and mentoring our youth to accept all people regardless of ethnicity and to judge a person by the content of their character verses the complexion of their skin.  America will be stronger when we come together, unite, and stop the division between the ethnicities!  #nomoreblackandwhite!


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