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Devotions from the Desert: Encountering God

Is an invaluable resource that will help the reader to gain hope and focus in life. This book contains 150 plus devotions that were written from the belly of war. They are heart-felt and authentic. When I was notified that I would be deploying to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007, I was filled with both excitement and consternation. I was a veteran of 23 years at the time, but like thousands of other veterans, I had never been to the frontlines of war. One can only imagine what my family must have felt like when I told them the news. We are a very patriotic family with 24 years of continued active duty service, but no one takes going into the “teeth of war” lightly. My notification came in the midst of the continued bombings in Baghdad and glaring headlines that would highlight the daily tragedies of war. We didn’t talk much about it as a family; however, there was much family prayer during this time. We simply knew the risk was great on this deployment. These devotions would serve as my encouragement and I hope they also encourage you in your daily walk in life.


" "And when I get a new mind...when I start thinking differently..when I start believing differently...And unleash my faith, the impossible becomes possible! That mountain that is so huge to me becomes a small mountain because I'm walking with the power of Jesus Christ. " -Dr. Shon Neyland "


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