There will be trouble and tough times in our lives!  No matter who we are, we all will face difficulties in the journey of life.  No one is immune from calamity.  The key is learning how to deal with the challenges we face.  As I speak to audiences around the globe, I have coined the phrase, “Extending the Playing Field of Life.”  To extend the playing field of life means to keep going no matter how tough it gets.  It means giving yourself another chance by staying alive—find a way to keep fighting.  The longer we can stay in the game of life, the greater our chances for growth and survival.  We must learn how to keep swinging in life.  It also means to believe that change is possible even in the most turbulent times.  It may be relationship difficulties, financial problems, physical ailments, work problems or emotional issues.  No matter what the problem (s) is (are), you can make it.  It is my faith and trust in the Lord that enables me to continue going in spite of adversity. However, I recognize that not all will believe in God as I do or any other power outside of themselves.  I always believe that God is able to make a way and do the impossible.  I know some reading this blog will not believe and I respect that right. 

The truth is that many people quit on life rather than extend the playing field of life.  Some deal with their problems by attempting suicide, believing that their situation is permanent.  For instance, over 20 veterans will take their lives within the next 24 hours.  In reality, most of the issues we experience in life can be overcome with time and taking practical steps to change; hence we can expand the playing field of life by choosing to live in the face of our adversity.  You don’t know your destiny and won’t discover your destiny unless you keep living.  When people think of quitting life and thus getting off of the playing field it is generally because they do not feel loved or a relationship has gone bad.  Thomas Joiner, the famed social researcher, observed that three things are generally present when someone commits suicide or attempts suicide:  1) A feeling of loneliness; 2) A feeling as if they are a burden to those around them and 3) Gaining the courage to use lethal means to end their lives. 

Ultimately, extending the playing field of life is feasible when we allow love to dominate our relationships and mitigate fear by creating a positive effect.  Overcome hate with genuine love for one another.  Hate cannot win and in time it will be defeated.  Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”  Today, we should strive to love for it counters the feeling s of loneliness and thinking one is a burden.  Even if a loved one leaves you it does not mean you have to die.  Life is a choice generally speaking.  You are loved by God and you are not alone.  Decide today that you will live and not quit.  Extend the playing field of life through love and faith.


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Maximizing Your Relationships
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by Dr. Shon Neyland on Maximizing Your Relationships
Extend the playing Field of Life

Life continues yo throw us curb balls but we must step up to the plate, pick up the bat and keep swinging.

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