Today, divorce continues to be a threat to most relationships.  In fact, the divorce rate still hovers around 50% for all marriages in America and over 60% for second marriages. Why do we divorce?  Mainly it is because we don’t communicate effectively.  A lack of effective communication then leads to feelings of distance and dissonance in the relationship.  Once dissonance sets in, we begin to seek love in other places as we grow further from the one we love.  Healthy communication can bolster feelings of unconditional love.  I am proposing that understanding and applying unconditional love can in fact turn the tide in our relationships and mitigate divorces.  Perhaps you are reading this blog and you are contemplating divorce right now or you have given up on your relationship and are waiting for the right moment to leave your partner, but that is not what you want or you most likely would not be reading this blog.

Don’t settle for unhappiness and distance in your relationship. Most people don’t want a divorce, but they want to work on the marriage to make it successful and live a happy and fulfilling life.  It begins with healthy communication.  You will never end conflict in marriage or a relationship, but you can learn how to handle conflict effectively and in a healthy manner. You would have not gotten married to the person you are married to if you didn’t want to be together with them. We want to be connected to the other. We all want to feel loved and appreciated.  Divorce causes extreme pain in the lives of all involved. Most of the inventories I have seen point to only the death of a spouse as a higher stressor or a cause of more pain in life than divorce. Instead of looking for the exit in the marriage, seek to discover unconditional love and begin anew!

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