I was in Washington DC visiting the African-American museum this past weekend with the backdrop of Independence Day in view.  This photo of our National Monument was taken as I was walking down Constitutional Ave.  One could sense the patriotism that was filling the air in preparation for Independence Day.  I get excited about Independence Day because it reminds us of the birth of our great nation!  I am so thankful for America being the leader of the free world—that is why I have served for over 33 years continually—I love America and I love the people of America.  America is indeed the land of the free and opportunity where one can reach their highest potential.  While it is true that our nation has never been perfect nor has it reached its full potential, America is the greatest nation to ever exist, I am biased I know.  I have already seen posts on Fb that decry celebrating America because of its past injustices towards different people groups.  Yet, those American citizens who decry our celebration of freedom this Independence Day, enjoy the very freedom to protest and reside peacefully because of America and democracy.  Their logic is not consistent.  Instead of dwelling in the past, we need to move forward, not forgetting the past, but having retrospective glances (looking back) to remind us to never commit the heinous crimes that America once committed against its own citizens.  We use those retrospective glances to continually improve America and become even a greater nation for its entire people.

“Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof.”              –Liberty Bell Inscription, 1751

I also recognize like you that our nation is not united on many fronts—we are still divided across ethnic, political, religious, education, and social-economic lines.  You might note I did not say we are divided across the “races.”  That is omitted because we are only one human race!  Race across skin color lines are made up and simply cause division.  At times, there is hate running rampant throughout our land such as the needless murdering of one American of another.  There are heinous crimes, too many to list, happening everyday in our great nation and many of them are based in hate, not love and freedom. Our country was founded on the ideals of unity and freedom, although again, not perfect unity where all would be recognized as citizens and given the same opportunities.  However, it is now time for us to rise up as Americans in love and have the Courage to Stand.  The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Only love can drive out hate!”

This short blog is simply a call for America to UNITE!  Let’s come together and stop hating and killing one another.  Across all ethnic lines, across all cultures, I call on all AMERICANS to stand up and demonstrate LOVE for one another.  My plea is for us to become committed now to stop hating one another and to start loving one another as the human race, one race.  We can eliminate our divisions by Uniting as Americans this Independence Day with respect and LOVE for our fellow citizens.  Happy Independence Day to all Americans!  God bless you and God bless America.

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