I will keep sounding the alarm!  We need to build a united America by standing together with love and respect for one another.  I will not be silent or standby as we continue to hurt, hate, and even kill one another over what we call, the racial divide. We are Americans, not colors!  The headlines keep coming forward with division.  Just this week, I saw headlines that read, “a teacher was fired for being a white supremacist;   another teacher told his students, “don’t date black people;” in Britain, a young college student was harassed with the words, “we hate black people,” smeared on walls and students yelling outside of her room; and finally, someone made the headlines by stating, “if you care called a racist, wear that title as a badge of honor!”  Wow, that is enough for one week, but the sad truth is that it happens all too often every week in some form or another.  America, we can do this. We can be united, but it takes all of us to cry out and stop the division.  I want to be called an American and not a color.  You can identify me by my ethnicity, but we are one race, and not color labels.
 A quick review of world history reveals that that the terms black and white were devised in history, essentially in the mid to late 1600s, to cause the divide we still experience today. In truth, all humans have the same skin colors in their genes, from dark to light. The genetic material is called melanin, and it is why we have brown colored skin and hair, but in varying degrees. Our pigmentation, which is the natural color of a person, is not a barometer of intelligence level. It is simply part of our genetic makeup with more or less melanin. I submit to you there are no genetic persons called back or white—these terms are made up through the purported description of skin and physical features. According to researchers, all human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup, while the differences in the remaining 0.1 percent could have answers to diseases.
Further, black and white terminology does not accurately describe the skin color, and the connotations of the words have brought much discomfort and pain. They were used perhaps throughout the history of the world in different ways, but never meant to truly describe a “race,” for we are one human race. For instance, some of my research revealed that the term white was first used for Hispanics, and the term Caucasoid was actually used for Eurasians who came from the mountain region of Caucasus, located on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Yet US Census reports show black and white, even though genetically, there is not a white or black race. You will note I use “racial” throughout the book for common vernacular, but in reality there is only one race.  I submit that it is now time to change the terminology in America. We know for a fact that the US Census has changed terminology of people groups throughout its history. For example, the term mulatto (50% of European descent and 50% of African descent) used to exist in America, but it is not used anymore. Asians were only added in recent decades to the census. I submit to America that we can change the landscape of ethnicity by changing and eliminating the terms black and white as a reference to ethnicity.
According to color expert Kate Smith, the term black began with a group of tribes who were known as the Proto-Indo-Europeans, and the words meant burn or gleam (perhaps from the sun), but for the purposes of our discussion, the term black as it relates to skin color began in the sixteenth century with the English. Further, Smith believes that etymologists hypothesize that perhaps the word white also came from Indo-European tribes. The word was first used by the Anglo-Saxons or earlier barbarians as a term to identify those who were of fair complexion or light skin. We do know from most reports, ethnic identification in one form or another began in the 1600s and started making a difference in the way people are identified. Before the change to ethnic identification, people were identified by geographical locations, but over time, the shift moved to facial features, skin color, and hair texture. I submit that America needs to shift ethnicity identification, as race identification is made up, limited, and misplaced.  Let’s rise up America and stand united!

Excerpts from the Courage to Stand:  A New America

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Maximizing Your Relationships and Life
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by Dr. Jose Tate on Maximizing Your Relationships and Life
Courage to Stand

Dr. Shon Neyland's book is a modern prophetic gem that sheds light on the racial, social, and cultural conflicts that have plagued our country throughout her history to the present. His forward-thinking challenges American citizens to re-evaluate the attitudes, labels, beliefs, and actions that have kept Americans divided instead of bringing our country together. Dr. Neyland's simple yet profound critique offers American citizens a fresh, new vision that will truly inspire readers to value themselves and others in life changing ways! This book is a must read. Get it now while you can!

by Dr. Jose on Maximizing Your Relationships and Life

Dr.Neyland's book just what America needs in becoming a greater nation. He expertly analyzed racial, social, cultural biases that have plagued our country years. America please listen to his prophetic voice as he leads us in a new era of true oneness as Americans and God's creation. Not only I'm I grateful for his vision, leadership, and wisdom, I'm grateful for our frienddhip.

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