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Loving When you don't feel like it Shon Neyland

Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It

When is ‘enough,’ enough in a relationship? Marriage can be the most blissful relationship we can experience on Earth, yet it can – at the same time – be the most challenging endeavor. In Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It, Dr. Shon Neyland provides practical insights into discovering and applying unconditional love in relationships. It is more common to do unto others as they have done unto you. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking has certainly eroded the concept of forgiveness, grace, and mercy. If we are honest, we have to acknowledge that unconditional love is really hard to seize and fully implement, as our natural tendency is to protect ourselves even at the risk of losing the one we love. Unconditional love is the ingredient that many are missing in their relationships, and this book provides the blueprint to build that kind of love.


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A New Dawn: Expanding Worship Opportunities For Generation Xers

Expanding Worship Opportunities is the right tool at the right time to build the right ministry! In a day and age when attention isn’t given, it’s captured, Shon Neyland speaks from experience on how to build powerful services that captivate, motivate, and transform lives. Expanding Worship Opportunities takes real challenges expressed by real people and offers creative solutions for tomorrow’s Church! Chaplain (Major) Jeffrey D. Hawkins Family Life Chaplain, Ft. Benning, Georgia

A New Dawn belongs on the shelf of every seminary professor planning to prepare this generation to reach the next generation for Christ, every pastor planning to plant a new church, every worship leader planning their next worship service, every believer planning to shop for their next church. Shon has given a real world example of how to “contextualize the gospel” so that this generation will also receive it. Biblically accurate, culturally relevant, historically grounded, and user friendly. As a pastor just outside one of the biggest military bases in the world (Eglin AFB), I wish I had access to A New Dawn before I planted my first church”. Tim Bolen Church Planter Non-denominational Christian Churches.


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Shon Neyland A New Dawn Expanding Worship Opportunities For Generation Xers
Available at Amazon Devotions From the Desert Encountering God book Shon Neyland

Devotions from the Desert: Encountering God

This book encourages the reader to seek the face and will of God in the midst of adversity and the daily challenges of life. Further, the reader will be led through a series of mediations, thoughts, and inspirational messages as they seek to encounter God. Although the book was written during war and military deployment, the motivational devotions and life lessons are applicable to all. The colorful war and deployment images throughout the book help bring the quotes, scriptures, thoughts, and prayers alive. Additionally, the book contains commentary from Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Iraqis, and Coalition partners that adds an authentic richness to our spirituality and connection to God. This book demonstrates the true evidence of the hand of God in our daily lives. The chaplain’s thoughts are timely, practical, and uplifting.


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The Courage to Stand: A New America

We have an opportunity to turn the pivotal corner in our society. We are the greatest nation on Earth, yet there are times when we seem extremely divided and make decisions that erode the fabrics of our society. All too often, the country seems to respond across racial, religious, or political lines on many issues rather than on what is right, moral, legal, and ethical. A divided nation cannot stand, nor can one individual do everything by themselves. It will take a nation coming together to stand. As a military veteran of over 31 years at the publishing of this book, I understand what it means to sacrifice in service to others. I know about giving oneself to great causes such as defense of our nation, serving in wars away from family, and putting the needs of the nation before personal gain.

I believe you will be inspired as you read this book for I believe that America is still strong, leader of the free world, and capable of even greater accomplishments through a paradigm shift and through embracing one another in love. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King ring in my ear that his dream was that his four kids would one day live in a nation that judges its people based on their character rather than the color of their skin. I am also reminded of Thomas Jefferson who etched the words in our Constitution that guaranteed liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness of all men. Now is the time America to take a stand and make a change.


     logo Dr Shon Neyland Devotions From The Desert is available at Author HouseAvailable now at Barnes and Noble A New Dawn Expanding Worship Opportunities For Generation Xers book Dr. Shon Neyland

A. I. M. 

Do you feel stagnate in life?  Are you wondering how to move forward?  My new book that I am beginning to work on is called AIM.  AIM will help you not only discover your destiny, but will help you to stay the course for the distance.  AIM deals with our Attitude, Integrity, and Motivation.  These are the key principles I have learned to live by and what I believe have sustained me all these years.  I look forward to unpacking these principles as we explore the path to success.


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"This is awesome teaching material that should be used in pre marriage counseling and for reviewing if couples are experiencing such."

Shelia Smith


“To have Goals is to have a future, because without Goals we will strive for nothing.” Andrew Ridings

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