Book Interview – Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It

Shon and Madeline Neyland book interview

When is ‘enough,’ enough in a relationship?

Marriage can be the most blissful relationship we can experience on Earth, yet it can – at the same time – be the most challenging endeavor. In Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It, Dr. Shon Neyland provides practical insights into discovering and applying unconditional love in relationships.

Loving When You Don’t Feel Like It is available for purchase at these online retailers.

         Dr. Neyland's book interview for loving when you don't feel like it


" "And when I get a new mind...when I start thinking differently..when I start believing differently...And unleash my faith, the impossible becomes possible! That mountain that is so huge to me becomes a small mountain because I'm walking with the power of Jesus Christ. " -Dr. Shon Neyland "


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